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“UNITY AND FAITH,PEACE AND PROGRESS” they claim (Nigeria lost her DIGNITY the day it turned against it’s own 20.10.2020
Cries of many, wailing, tears of the old ,anger of the youths ,poured from our buckets of grievances, yet!
Unity wasn’t reached,
Peace still wasn’t found,
Our little hope as Nigerians striving for a better day is gone.
politician negotiate with criminals and terrorist while peaceful and harmless protesters are been slaughtered for speaking out for what’s right.
Nigeria lost respect for her own, we’ve equally lost the faith in her.
We see kidnapping of students everyday.
Our government busy looting,
The RICH remain the RICH while the POOR suffers.
RISE! RISE!! RISE!!! oh patriots they shout, none is faithful to her own.
All we have left is DAYLIGHT, me and you.


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