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O here comes the night.
The night of terror and fright.
Where demons don’t know their rights.
Sheds of blood through the fight.

O how did we start.
And ended up being tight.
We ran to hide inside.
With the fear of fire so bright.

Fear without limitation.
The invasion of oppression.
We listened carefully to the demons and gave them full attention.
Demons and spirits on a merciless mission.

Drainages in our hearts locked up with frustration and annoyance.
Oh what a fright night this is for vengeance.
To the cry of innocent souls, demons dance.
Compared to another where all is bounce.

When we look to the sky, remember warriors don’t cry.
Where’s the day that’d make us smile.
Living in pieces, thousands of miles.
Less of the smiles, more of the frown.

Heavy is this night for one alone to carry.
Is an imagination as we embark on the journey.
Although we conquer all our fears, but this night is alot to bury.
For the monsters can be nice and scary.


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